Welcome to WellSurfer Wizard Demo

The next page will take you through a series of forms where you will be creating a new well in the database The number of forms and the information needed on each form is kept to a minimum for the demo version even though the database is capable of handling any drilling reporting related input. I have simplified the process and provided guidance along the way.

Upon finishing the wizard you will have the option to run the hydraulics module for the well you just created, and the ability to view other wells in the database. In addition, the ECD simulator will create a detailed report.

Click here if you prefer to skip the wizard and run ECD simulator for one of the existing wells in the database.

The wizard will take you through 8 forms to create the following:

  • New operator company
  • Company asset
  • Drilling pad
  • A well on the pad
  • Directional plan for the well
  • Casing design
  • Drill string and bha
  • Mud report

  • Each form will have a description of what is expected from the user at the top or bottom of the page. The "Casing Design" and "Drill String and BHA" forms are the most time consuming part of the forms, but I have included guidance with screenshots. The Well Plan page can be skipped by using the auto create button and you should be able to fly through the forms if you are familiar with well planning. The database has built in logic (still under development) to let users know if any input is out of norm or unexpected. After completion of the forms, the parameters are verified for inconsistencies before they are added to the database.
    Even though the wizard is fully functional on mobile phones, forms are recommended to be filled on a tablet screen or larger to make it easier to handle multiple columns on pages such as BHA input.

    The forms may take up to 10 minutes for a first time user or someone with no drilling experience. Click button below to proceed.

    Start the Wizard