About Me

profile picture Hi, I'm Bahri, I live in San Antonio, TX and I have over 10 years of experience as a Petroleum Engineer, and have worked at both small startup service company and large organizations. I'm a proficient Petroleum Engineer and my expertise is in: I love building things. While hard engineering problems are fun to handle, I'm most attracted to solving real operator company problems with a business justification.


  • Slashed drilling cost by 52% over the span of 11 wells in Monocline Geological setting of Alpine High (reduced spud to TD days from 54.7 days to 17.3 days)
  • Eliminated a liner string in Northern Trough setting of Alpine High for the first time and saved $700K per well (5 more wells drilled with the new design with similar savings)
  • Drilled first (Wildcat) lower Woodford well in Alpine High with no offset data through multi-disciplinary effort by bringing Geology, Geosteering, Petrophysics and Reservoir teams together

  • Current Projects

    BahriKutlu.com: I took on this challenge to learn various program languages to achieve my vision of creating a single repository where all drilling planning resources can be accessed. I learned Python, JavaScript, SQL, HTML and CSS to build this platform. The website is powered by Django Framework and backed by a PostgreSQL database which I call the WellSurfer. The parameters in the database are served to the Hydraulics module for ECD simulation. The system is modular and scalable and I will continue to add new features backed by the database such as KPI dashboard, various drilling engineering analytic tools and some other ideas that i will keep to myself for the time being. Feel free to contact me for feedback, collaboration or to apply my expertise to your company to build the next best thing in the industry.
    I currently live in San Antonio with my wife and daughter. We enjoy exploring San Antonio, hiking and traveling.
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