Drilling Dashboard

Mobile friendly Drilling KPI Dashboard. The SQL database feeds the charts and tables as the new information is arrived. The daily update data can be input through a webpage (field or office personnel) which would reflect on the charts immediately. Automated updates by interfacing with operator reporting system or email parsing can be implemented with collaboration.


Wellsurfer is a PosgreSQL database that contains all drilling related information starting from Operator company level down to the mud properties. This module contains a new well wizard that takes the user through 8 steps to create a new well in the database. The wells in the database can be imported in to the hydraulics module to run ECD simulations.

Drilling Hydraulics

Hydraulics module contains the ECD simulator. I developed the Module algorithm in 2012 and transported to Python language for this project. It is a time independent, steady state model for incompressible fluids based on the conservation of momentum principle. Pipe flow is modeled with Rabinowitch-Mooney Equation and narrow slot approximation is used for annular flow. The model considers the tool joint effects and accounts for effect of pipe eccentricity in the annulus. Results are compared with industry standard software and in close agreement.